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At Pestfree we provide a wide range of tried and tested, quality products for dealing with Pest problems. With more than 20 years experience, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of great quality products that actually do what they are designed to do. All our products from mouse traps to garden weeders and from spider busters to bed bug sprays are thoroughly tested and checked for value for money before being put on sale.

We also aim to provide the best customer service possible whilst delivering excellent guidance and information. The wide range of products we offer include ongoing favourites such as the Katcha Bug insect traps, humane mouse traps, Spider & Bug Vac spider traps, flea traps and Grampa’s Weeders. We are a leading supplier of non-toxic pest control products which are all manufactured here in Chesterfield, England. Our aim is simply to offer you, the customer, a wide range of good quality products that work and all supplied at a reasonable price. Read More..