Gutter Care Cleaning Brush

Gutter Care Cleaning Brush
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Clean and clear your gutters of any rubbish and debris easily with the Gutter Care Cleaning Brush. Cleaning gutters is a chore most people hate, but our Gutter brush gives you the perfect means to clear gutters of leaves and debris quickly and easily. The flexible brush head can be angled to fit the shape of your gutter whist the stiff brush bristles ensure a clean sweep every time you use it. The result is clean and clear gutters and less risk of blocked gutters or damaged drainpipes. The extendable handle also means you can reach the highest gutters and drainpipes with ease. Brush head extended out measures 31 x 17 x 9cm. The handle extends from 76 to 133cm.


  • Flexible brush head can be angled to fit profile of gutter
  • Stiff bristles remove debris quickly and cleanly
  • Handle extends from 30″ to 52½” (76-133cm)


  • 76 – 133cm (30″ – 52½”)


  • 400g

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