Garden Maintenance

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  • Biotek Greenhouse Cleaner
    This Greenhouse Cleaner is so eco-friendly, it will revolutionise the way you tackle the big annual greenhouse clean up when your wash, scrub and generally give your garden greenhouse a thorough going over. The key ingredients of the greenhouse cleaner liquid are derived from plant extracts and as s..(Read More)
  • Bird Table Cleaner
    Safe to use around plants and wildlife, the Bird Table Cleaner is an effective way of cleaning your bird table of the unavoidable mess and odours caused by feeding birds. Made from natural, non-toxic materials, the Bird Table cleaner is also safe to use around children and pets. Simply spray on the ..(Read More)
  • Eze Weeder
    Make light work of clearing weeds from the garden with Eze Weeder. Eze Weeder is a three-piece garden tool that is ideal for pulling weeds from the garden, flower bed, raised bed, planter & more. Made from durable, hard wearing steel the Eze Weeder will will tackle the hardest soil conditions. It ha..(Read More)
  • Fleece Grow Tunnel
    Protect your plants from pests and the elements all year round with the Fleece Grow Tunnel. The pre-assembled, ready to use 3 metre fleece tunnel simply opens out and comes with wire loops that can pushed into the ground to firmly hold it in place...(Read More)
  • Garden Netting
    Protect all seeds, seedlings, vegetables and soft fruit etc. from birds and small animals with the all-purpose Garden Netting. The strong, reusable Garden Netting will give your fruit and vegetables protection from aerial raids and ground attacks...(Read More)
  • Grampa’s Do It All
    The Grampa's Do It All is a tried and tested product for all your garden needs. This multi-purpose garden tool is ideal for hoeing, tilling, edging and chopping. The extra durable head is made from cast iron giving it great strength to cut through even the most stubborn weeds...(Read More)
  • Grampa’s Weeder
    Grampa’s pride and joy was his weed puller! A simple lever (and a sore back) was his inspiration for inventing this unique tool 100 years ago in Seattle, USA. For decades it was very popular in the Northwest of America because its simple ingenious design allowed gardeners young and old, to easily pu..(Read More)
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  • Greenhouse Garlic Smoke
    Clear your greenhouse of unwanted pests by fumigating with Garlic Greenhouse Smoke. The Greenhouse Garlic Smoke is chemical-free and contains natural garlic oil within a fuse-lit smoke canister for the effective treatment of greenhouses. Garlic oil is a known plant nutrient and gives plants extra de..(Read More)
  • Greenhouse Shading
    Help control the climate in a greenhouse and guard against leaf burn by reducing up to 40% of the sun's rays with Greenhouse Shading. Its suitable for all types of greenhouses and allows enough light in but reduces the heat in summer and insulates in winter. This is a simple and cost-effective way o..(Read More)
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  • Gutter and Grate Cleaning Kit
     Make clearing leaves and moss from the gutters a quick and easy maintenance task with the Gutter and Grate Cleaning Kit . With 2-in-1 functionality, the semi-circular grabber on its 48″ inch pole allows the debris to be pulled towards you, whilst the gutter shaped scoop ensures simple removal of de..(Read More)
  • Gutter Care Cleaning Brush
    Clean and clear your gutters of any rubbish and debris easily with the Gutter Care Cleaning Brush. Cleaning gutters is a chore most people hate, but our Gutter brush gives you the perfect means to clear gutters of leaves and debris quickly and easily. The flexible brush head can be angled to fit the..(Read More)
  • Gutter Mesh
    The simple and easy way to keep gutters free from obstruction. Gutter Mesh prevents leaves, twigs, moss and other debris from blocking gutters and downpipes. Gutter Mesh is easily installed using the fixing clips provided and works with all gutters up to 15cm wide. Made from durable, weather-resista..(Read More)
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  • Gutter Patch Tape
    Roofs, gutters, downpipes and drip trays can all suffer minor damage at some stage and this can cause water to leak through. Gutter Patch Tape fixes instantly and creates a weatherproof seal and lasting bond. Gutter Patch Tape can be molded to fit any shape and painted to match the colour required...(Read More)
  • Mulch Sheet
    Clear away weeds the easy way without using chemicals with the Mulch Sheet. The Mulch Sheet is easy to lay and is a fast, clean way of surpressing weeds.  it can also be used to protect delicate fruits from soil contact and may reduce slug and fungal attack...(Read More)
  • Pathclear Weedkiller
    Keep your paths clear from weeds with the Pathclear Weedkiller. One application kills weeds right down to the roots and prevents new weed growth for up to 3 months...(Read More)