Home Security

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  • Automatic Night Light
    Provide additional background lighting with the Automatic Night Light. They are handy to have in any room in the home; the gentle glow from the light provides comfort and safety all around the house...(Read More)
  • Book Safe
    Keep all your valuables safe under lock and key in the ingenious Book Safe. Fitted with a discreet secure lock and with its New English Dictionary cover it’s designed to look exactly like a dictionary, standing unnoticed (and untouched) on your shelf hidden amongst all the other books...(Read More)
  • Digital Timer
    Are you going on holiday and worried about your house being unattended? The practical Digital Timer switch is the perfect solution to switch lights on when it gets dark when no one is at home.You can set various combinations so that the lights switch on and off at different times. It can also be use..(Read More)
  • Motion Sensor Alarm
    Protect your things with the Motion Sensor Alarm. This fantastic alarm system will protect almost any area and is ideal for the home, garage or caravan etc. The PIR sensor detects motion up to 5 metres and the loud 130db alarm will alert you to any unwantd visitors. It can also be used as a driveway..(Read More)
  • Wall Key Safe
    Leave house keys safe and secure in the Wall Key Safe. The outdoor Wall Key Safe can be securely mounted discreetly anywhere you chose.  It has a robust push button code on the box allowing access to your keys by those who you've told the code. Its prefect for leaving keys for children to get in aft..(Read More)