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  • Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
    Deter stray pets or animal pests from entering your garden with the highly effective Outdoor Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. It utilises a specially designed ultrasonic transducer, with three power settings, emitting a range of high pitched sounds which are very uncomfortable (yet harmless) to animal..(Read More)
    Was: £29.99 £16.99
  • Ultrasonic Cat Repeller
    Stop cats from fouling and digging up your garden with the Ultrasonic Cat Repeller. It emits a high pitched sound that cats can hear which is very uncomfortable (yet harmless) to them. The environment becomes intolerable and they are forced to leave the area.
  • Ultrasonic Fox and Dog Repeller
    Deter animal pests and pets from entering your garden with the Ultrasonic Fox and Dog Repeller. The motion sensor detects movement in the protected area and a high pitched sound is emitted which is very uncomfortable (yet harmless) to foxes and dogs. It offers 24 hour protection every day. Featur..(Read More)
  • Ultrasonic Mole Repeller
    Clear moles the humane way from your garden with the ultrasonic Mole Repeller, it works discreetly in the ground emitting ultrasonic sound waves which will deter troublesome moles and other burrowing animals with a range of up to 700 sq. metres. It can take upto 2 weeks before you ..(Read More)
    Was: £24.99 £14.99