Mole Snap Trap

Mole Snap Trap
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For a simple way of catching and stopping moles in their tracks use the Mole Snap Trap. The Mole Snap Trap effectively kills unwanted moles safely in the tunnel. The Mole Snap Trap is a simple yet effective catch-and-kill trap based upon a traditional design in use throughout the UK for most of the last century. For best results, use several traps at a time, setting them in adjacent runs to surround the area where moles are active.


  • Catch-and-kill traps for protection of lawns and gardens
  • Strong spring action and galvanized for rust-free durability
  • Simple way of catching and stopping moles in their tracks
  • Easy to set
  • Strong mechanism
  • Suitable for all weathers


  • 19 x 11 x 8cm (7.5 x 4.3 x 3.2”)


  • 185g

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