Pest Control

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  • Active Ant Bait
    Attract and destroy all common ants in and around the home with the advanced bait system, Active Ant Bait. Active Ant Bait is suitable for both indoor and outdoors use and should be placed wherever ants are seen. Its unique formulation, which is highly attractive to ants, is securely contained withi..(Read More)
  • Animal Away
    Deter unwanted animals from entering your garden with Animal Away.  With PIR and ultrasonic sound waves to detect and keep any potential pests from your garden without harming them.  When activated, a high frequency sound (23000 Hz) emits when an animal wanders within its unobstructed range that ani..(Read More)
  • Ant Barrier Tape
    A quick and easy solution to stop ants and other insects from entering your home is Ant Barrier Tape; it acts as an effective barrier against ants and other crawling insects. Once the insects approach the Ant Barrier Tape they will either stop and go the other way or they will be caught by the glue...(Read More)
  • Big Bug Catcher
    A must-have item for anyone who does not like creepy crawlies! The award-winning Big Bug Catcher is a humane and friendly way to remove spiders, bugs, insects, moths and even mice from inside the home at arm's-length without mess or harm. Simple to use the insect is covered by the clear catching com..(Read More)
  • Bio Slug Mini Pellets
    To reduce the damage caused by slugs and snails around edible and non-edible plants use Bio Slug Mini Pellets. The unique scatter cap makes it easier to apply accurately; simply turn the cap and sprinkle the pellets around the plants to deter the slugs and snails...(Read More)
  • Biopren
    Get rid of that bed bug problem with Biopren, the professional product that is suitable for amateur use. It not only flushes out and kills bed bugs, but also stops the eggs developing into adults. Biopren uses Pyrethrins to flush out and knock-down hidden insect pests. The s-Methoprene IGR (insect g..(Read More)
  • Bird Spikes
    Prevent birds from landing and roosting in unwanted areas with the Bird Spikes. The Bird Spikes are tough steel spikes that are placed facing upwards and are great for fixing to guttering, window sills, walls, fences and ledges etc. They prevent birds from landing there and also change the habits of..(Read More)
  • Bird Table Cleaner
    Safe to use around plants and wildlife, the Bird Table Cleaner is an effective way of cleaning your bird table of the unavoidable mess and odours caused by feeding birds. Made from natural, non-toxic materials, the Bird Table cleaner is also safe to use around children and pets. Simply spray on the ..(Read More)
  • Bug Buster
    This is the perfect choice for those of us who hate creepy crawlies. The Bug Buster is a hand-held battery powered spider/insect trap that vacuums up spiders & bugs from ceilings, floors & walls etc at arms length. Insects are captured safely in the 64cm clear tube for a quick release outside away f..(Read More)
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  • Bug Free Spray
    Use Bug Free, the fast acting multi-purpose insecticide to kill ants, greenfly, whitefly, blackfly, caterpillars, cabbage aphids, red spider mites and other mites on ornamental garden plants, such as roses, flowers and fruit and vegetables in the greenhouse and outdoors throughout the year...(Read More)
  • Cat Can Mouse Trap - Twin Pack
    Convert all your old cans into humane mouse traps with the Cat Can Mouse Trap. Simply clip the trap onto an old clean can and you have a humane Mouse Trap. The Cat Can Mouse Trap is reuseable, safe, non-toxic and a simple, yet effective solution to a common problem...(Read More)
  • Cat Repel
    Send those unwanted visitors packing from your garden with Cat Repel! Cat Repel is a great way of stopping cats fouling around the garden. Does not harm the cat, the eyes are made from green glass to duplicate a real cat’s eyes and it mimics a natural confrontational situation to repel cats from the..(Read More)
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  • Compact Circline Electronic Fly Killer
    There are 2 models in this range, one has a standard UV lamp whilst the other, a shatter resistant one. Both models can be wall mounted, suspended or free standing. The Katcha Bugzap Compact Circline has been designed for use in restaurants, food shops, kitchen areas, fast food outlets etc., indeed ..(Read More)
  • Doff Ant Killer Powder
    For an efficient, safe and effective way of controlling ants and other crawling insects use Doff Ant Killer Powder. Easy to use, apply librally on and near ants nests for best results. Can be used both indoors or outdoors and lasts for 3 months if dry..(Read More)
  • Doff Wasp Nest Killer
    For a rapid and effective control of wasp’s nests in and around the home use Doff Wasp Nest Killer. Simple to use puffer pack, apply directly to wasps' nests in the home and garden. For use between May and September...(Read More)