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  • Bird Spikes
    Prevent birds from landing and roosting in unwanted areas with the Bird Spikes. The Bird Spikes are tough steel spikes that are placed facing upwards and are great for fixing to guttering, window sills, walls, fences and ledges etc. They prevent birds from landing there and also change the habits of..(Read More)
  • Bird Table Cleaner
    Safe to use around plants and wildlife, the Bird Table Cleaner is an effective way of cleaning your bird table of the unavoidable mess and odours caused by feeding birds. Made from natural, non-toxic materials, the Bird Table cleaner is also safe to use around children and pets. Simply spray on the ..(Read More)
  • Garden Netting
    Protect all seeds, seedlings, vegetables and soft fruit etc. from birds and small animals with the all-purpose Garden Netting. The strong, reusable Garden Netting will give your fruit and vegetables protection from aerial raids and ground attacks...(Read More)
  • Moving Head Owl Solar light
    This decorative brown Moving Head Owl is a real show stopper in any garden. This realistic Owl with moving head and 2 white LED spotlights for eyes that light up automatically at night, makes a statement whether on a patio, decking or in a border. The Moving Head Owl is so realistic looking that it ..(Read More)
  • Poly Grow Tunnel
    With this fantastic Poly Grow Tunnel you can be sure of protecting your plants from the elements and pests all year round. The preassembled, ready to use 3 metrepoly tunnel simply opens out and comes with wire loops that can pushed into the ground to firmly hold it in place. It creates a warm and h..(Read More)
  • Pop Up Garden Cloche
    Keep those precious vegetables protected from the weather and other pests with the Pop Up Garden Cloche. It maintains a stable growing environment for healthy vegetables and plants. The transparent cover is easy to assemble and comes with an opening in the top for easy access...(Read More)