Rentokil Fast Action Mouse Killer

Rentokil Fast Action Mouse Killer
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Get rid of rats and mice with Rentokil Fast Action Mouse Killer. Rentokil's Fast Action Mouse Killer will kill mice within 24 hours. Perfect for gaining and maintaining mouse control. Place the pre-baited box against a wall, in a well-protected situation where there is evidence that mice are running and feeding e.g. under a cupboard, behind furniture or in the loft space.

For severe infestations, use additional Rentokil Mouse Killer Boxes as necessary, at frequent intervals - about 3 metres where mice are running and feeding.

To increase likelihood of bait takes, it is particular important to minimise the availability of alternative food sources at the onset of treatment.

Always position baits well so as to protect from the prevailing weather and to prevent access by humans, domestic animals and wildlife. Check the box regularly and once mouse activity has ceased, dispose of the box as household waste.


  • Kills mice within 24 hours
  • Children & pet friendly
  • Each box kills up to 50 mice
  • Contains 2 pre-baited boxes – no bait handling


  • 4.5 x 12.5 x 7cm (1.8x 5 x 2.8")


  • 52g

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