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  • Humane Mole Trap
    Get rid of moles from your garden with the Humane Mole Trap. Working out of sight inside the mole tunnel, the Humane Mole Trap is a kind yet effective way of removing troublesome moles from your garden. The Humane Mole Trap has 2 inward-opening doors which allow the mole to get in, but not out again..(Read More)
    Was: £6.99 £4.99
  • Mole Snap Trap
    For a simple way of catching and stopping moles in their tracks use the Mole Snap Trap. The Mole Snap Trap effectively kills unwanted moles safely in the tunnel. The Mole Snap Trap is a simple yet effective catch-and-kill trap based upon a traditional design in use throughout the UK for most of the ..(Read More)
  • Procter Biofume Mole Smoke
    Get rid of moles in a humane and environmentally friendly way with the effective Procter Biofume Mole Smoke. They work by coating the inside of the mole's tunnel with a thin layer of castor oil, and this prevents earthworms, the mole's main food from entering the tunnel. The mole then moves away to ..(Read More)
  • Ultrasonic Mole Repeller
    Clear moles the humane way from your garden with the ultrasonic Mole Repeller, it works discreetly in the ground emitting ultrasonic sound waves which will deter troublesome moles and other burrowing animals with a range of up to 700 sq. metres...(Read More)
    Was: £24.99 £14.99