Ultrasonic Mole Repeller

Ultrasonic Mole Repeller
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Clear moles the humane way from your garden with the ultrasonic Mole Repeller, it works discreetly in the ground emitting ultrasonic sound waves which will deter troublesome moles and other burrowing animals with a range of up to 700 sq. metres.

It can take upto 2 weeks before you will see results. The sonic repellers are not an instant fix for mole problems but more of a longer term solution.


  • Effective against moles and other burrowing animals
  • Non-toxic, safe and long-lasting
  • Safe to use around children and other household pets
  • Minimal disruption to garden
  • Effective Pest Control Treatment


  • 42 x 5cm (16.5 x 2″)


  • 264g

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