Slugs and Snails

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  • Bio Slug Mini Pellets
    To reduce the damage caused by slugs and snails around edible and non-edible plants use Bio Slug Mini Pellets. The unique scatter cap makes it easier to apply accurately; simply turn the cap and sprinkle the pellets around the plants to deter the slugs and snails...(Read More)
  • Mulch Sheet
    Clear away weeds the easy way without using chemicals with the Mulch Sheet. The Mulch Sheet is easy to lay and is a fast, clean way of surpressing weeds.  it can also be used to protect delicate fruits from soil contact and may reduce slug and fungal attack...(Read More)
  • Slug and Snail Copper Tape
    Protect plants from the damage caused by slugs and snails without using pesticides by using the Slug and Snail Copper Tape. Proven to work by the University of Illinois this is the leading slug/snail barrier tape that stops them in their tracks. When the slug or snail tries to cross the tape, they r..(Read More)
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  • Slug and Snail Kit
    The Slug and Snail Kit is the ultimate all-you-need kit to aid you in preventing and removing slugs and snails from your garden...(Read More)
  • Slug and Snail Trap – Slug Pub
    Are slugs and snails eating all your plants? The Slug and Snail Trap is the ideal choice to get rid of them quickly and effectively. Simply place the bowl of the Slug and Snail Trap in the ground and fill with beer or yeast dissolved in water. Slugs and snails are attracted by the yeast and drown in..(Read More)
  • Slug Circles
    Protect plants and shrubs from damage done by slugs and snails, humanely and effectively with these Slug Circles. Slug Circles are a safe and effective, non-toxic barrier against slugs & snails in the garden. Simply cut to size & place around the plant/shrub or create a slug-free zone by ring fencin..(Read More)