Slug and Snail Kit

Slug and Snail Kit
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The Slug and Snail Kit is the ultimate all-you-need kit to aid you in preventing and removing slugs and snails from your garden.

The kit comprises of 1 x slug pug, 1 x 4 meter copper tape, 1 x 4 meter slug circles

The Slug Pub is designed to be planted in the ground and filled with beer - when the slugs & snails enter the trap they drown in the liquid and can’t escape. This may sound gruesome but is better for the environment, children and young animals than poison.

The copper tape is designed to repel the slugs from climbing up pots, posts other items that are on the floor - as the slug or snail attempt to cross the tape, a small electrical charge is created causing the slug to retreat.

The slug circles are rot-resistant, polypropylene onto which copper foil is adhered. Simply cut to size place around the plant/shrub or create a slug-free zone by ring fencing a part of the garden.


  • Effective & humane way to protect plants from slugs/snails
  • Works in all weather conditions, all year round
  • Requires no maintenance
  • No mess
  • Safe to use around children & pets – uses no chemicals or bait


  • Slug Trap: 12.5 x 16cm (5 x 6.5″)
  • Slug Tape: 4M long, 3cm
  • Slug Circles: 4M Long, 5cm Wide


  • 2kg

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