Slug Circles

Slug Circles
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Protect plants and shrubs from damage done by slugs and snails, humanely and effectively with these Slug Circles. Slug Circles are a safe and effective, non-toxic barrier against slugs & snails in the garden. Simply cut to size & place around the plant/shrub or create a slug-free zone by ring fencing a part of the garden. When a slug/snail attempts to cross a slug circle, a small electrical charge is created naturally by the copper tape which will repel them.


  • Simply place around the plant/shrub to create a slug/snail free zone
  • Made form durable polypropylene with copper foil - a proven slug repellant
  • Can be used to ring fence an area of the garden, to keep it slug/snail free
  • Create circles of varying diameters
  • Static charge from copper repels snails /slugs
  • A 4m pack can create 13 x 4" or 8 x 7" or 5 x 11" or 2 x 28" slug circles or any combination to suit


  • Size of Polypropylene – 4 metres length x 5cm width
  • Size of Copper Tape – 4 metres length x 3cm width


  • Combined Weight - 130g

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