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  • Bug Buster
    This is the perfect choice for those of us who hate creepy crawlies. The Bug Buster is a hand-held battery powered spider/insect trap that vacuums up spiders & bugs from ceilings, floors & walls etc at arms length. Insects are captured safely in the 64cm clear tube for a quick release outside away f..(Read More)
    Was: £14.99 £12.98
  • Compact Circline Electronic Fly Killer
    There are 2 models in this range, one has a standard UV lamp whilst the other, a shatter resistant one. Both models can be wall mounted, suspended or free standing. The Katcha Bugzap Compact Circline has been designed for use in restaurants, food shops, kitchen areas, fast food outlets etc., indeed ..(Read More)
  • Doff Wasp Nest Killer
    For a rapid and effective control of wasp’s nests in and around the home use Doff Wasp Nest Killer. Simple to use puffer pack, apply directly to wasps' nests in the home and garden. For use between May and September...(Read More)
  • Fly Shield Glue Board
    The Katcha Bugzap Fly-Shield range comprises of thee models, the Fly-Shield 1, 2 and 4. It is the ideal alternative to conventional high voltage machines. Models 1 and 2 are suitable for front of house flying insect control where discreet management is required. The Model 4 is suitable for larger ar..(Read More)
  • Fly-Check Glue Board
    The FLY-CHECK is a wall mounted or suspended economically priced fly killer that uses 2 of the popular 15 watt x 18" lamps. Changing the adhesive board and lamps is very quick and easy. Its slim design makes it suitable for areas where room is at a premium, i.e. food preparation areas, kitchens etc...(Read More)
  • Magnetic Insect Door Mesh
    Keep your home bug and insect free with the Magnetic Insect Door Mesh. Keeps even the smallest of bugs and insects out of your home whilst allowing fresh air to circulate. Simple and  easy to install, no tools required...(Read More)
  • Protector C
    The original and best ready to use, water based insecticide. Protector C is a professional product with amateur use approval. Protector C has enhanced residual action with aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology making it effective against a wide range of flying and crawling insects...(Read More)
  • Protector CIK – Crawling Insect Killer Spray
    The perfect choice for those who care about the environment and for an all round effective control of crawling insects use Protector CIK – Crawling Insect Killer Spray. Sprayed from 5cm into hiding places, the Protector CIK will flush out insects allowing you to spray them directly for rapid kill. F..(Read More)
  • Rentokil Fly Repellent
    Protect your home from, flies, wasps, gnats, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects with safe and effective Rentokil Fly Repellent. The controllable cassette can be used in all rooms of the house, in the garden and can also be carried when travelling. The product is based on the proven effective..(Read More)
  • Rentokil Wasp Nest Killer
    For a rapid and effective control of wasp’s nests in and around the home and garden use Rentokil Wasp Nest Killer. Use this product when you can see where the wasps are going in and out (corner of a roof, air vent, under tiles etc). Shake Well. Wear protective clothing to prevent stings...(Read More)
  • Residex P
    This is an excellent all round dusting powder for use against a very wide range of crawling insects and  flying insects at rest. Residex P is a professional product that is suitable for amateur use. Apply at monthly intervals to resting and breeding sites..(Read More)
  • Spray Away Wasps
    The perfect choice for those of us who do not want to live in homes infested with bugs and other pests but do not want to use harmful toxic chemicals to get rid of them. Simply Spray Away for a poison free, non-toxic and safe way to effectively deter those unwanted wasps. Spray Away contains natural..(Read More)
  • Wasp and Fly Trap
    One of the most effective methods of controlling wasps and flies is with this Wasp and Fly Trap. No poisons are needed, simply fill the base with sugared water, fruit juice or similar sugary bait to lure wasps and flies into one of the one way entry points. The wasps and flies will become disorienta..(Read More)
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  • Wasp Can Traps - Twin Pack
    The perfect way to tackle troublesome wasps and flies and recycle used cans, is with these Can Wasp Traps. Simply clip the Can Wasp Trap onto an old (clean) can, add a small amount of sugared water as bait, using the funnel at the centre of the trap, and place in areas where wasps and flies are a pr..(Read More)